Beyond-the-Grave Buzz for FLAPPERHOUSE #11!


Some of literature’s deadest legends are buzzing about FLAPPERHOUSE #11!

“We all look for happiness, but without knowing where to find it: like drunkards who look for their house, knowing dimly that they have one…Flappiness, on the other hand, is quite easy to find: it flies off every page of FLAPPERHOUSE #11 with graceful ferocity!”Voltaire

“The night is darkening round me,
The wild winds coldly blow;
But a tyrant spell has bound me
And I cannot, cannot go…
thank goodness I have my copy
to keep me warm and lucid
and restore my faith in heaven!”
Emily Brontë

“I was so sick last night I
Didn’t hardly know my mind.
So sick last night I
Didn’t know my mind.
I drunk some bad licker that
Almost made me blind.
Then I read FLAPPERHOUSE #11
and I still don’t know my mind
but now FLAPPERHOUSE #11 knows my mind
and all the weird stuff that goes on in there
and now my mind & FLAPPERHOUSE #11 are best friends!”
Langston Hughes

PRINT copies available for $6US thru Amazon

click HERE to order a digital (PDF)copy
for $3US

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are currently unable to email PDFs immediately upon order. Delivery of your PDF may take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, but rest assured, we will complete your purchase as soon as humanly possible.
We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.




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