Join Us in a Victory Job!

victory_jobWe’re looking for a few good people to join our team! We have all kinds of  volunteer positions available for filling– (though perhaps if you could help us make more money, maybe we can work out some kind of commission-based arrangement? Let us know & we’ll talk…)

Can you help us get more publicity— reviews, interviews, & other media-coverage? Can you help us in marketing— increasing our web traffic & subscription base through low-low-cost advertising? Would you care to join our exclusive editorial team— reading & offering feedback on slush-pile submissions, or interviewing super-cool writers for our website? Or maybe you have the skills to fill some awesomely unique position that we never could have imagined before, but once you mention it, we couldn’t imagine FLAPPERHOUSE living without? Email us at FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com to tell us how you’d like to contribute to the team, and we’ll be in touch…  

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