New Subscription Packages Now Available!

FLAPPERHOUSE Year 1 CoverIn one week we’ll be releasing our 10th issue, FLAPPERHOUSE X. When we broke out of our velvety cocoon with our first issue roughly 9 seasons ago, we honestly weren’t sure we could spread our leathery wings so wide & fly so far, but here we are. We’ve since assembled a freaky chorus of bold literary voices to produce wonderfully weird quarterly issues of surreal, shadowy, sensual, & satirical short fiction, poetry, & creative non-fiction. We started as a digital-only PDF-&-online publication, but now we’re available in soft, pulpy paperback, too. We’ve dabbled in podcasting, and we’ve begun hosting a regular reading series in Brooklyn where writers perform their flappy lits before a flappy live audience, peppered with other fun elements you don’t normally get at literary readings, like music, theater, & comedy. We owe so much of all this to the love & support & contributions of fantastic folks like you, and for that we are way beyond grateful.

So far we’ve managed to operate & pay our writers at semi-pro rates for their contributions, thanks to issue sales & generous donations. But we believe now it’s time to evolve into a more lucrative enterprise, one which we hope might allow us to pay contributors at a higher rate; to pay our volunteer editors & live-reading performers, period; and to produce podcasts on a more regular basis. Which is why it is now our will to expand our foundation of subscribers who want to help our literary weirdness thrive, by offering a wide variety of subscription packages:

PRINT & DIGITAL Subscriptions*

1-year’s worth of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $40 USD
2-years’ worth of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $70 USD
a LIFETIME of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $200 USD!
*please note that these prices are available for US shipping addresses only. if you live outside the US & would be interested in a print subscription, email FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com & we’ll see if we can figure out a comparable price for you~

DIGITAL-ONLY Subscriptions
1 year (4 issues) of digital (PDF) copies for $10US :btn_buynowCC_LG
2 years (8 issues) of digital (PDF) copies for $15US:btn_buynowCC_LG
a LIFETIME of digital (PDF) issues for just $50 US! 


All subscribers will receive the latest issue of FLAPPERHOUSE as soon as we can fly it out, so while our non-subscribing readers will have to wait up to 2 months to read our flappy lits for free online, one piece at a time, subscribers will be ready to jump right into the conversation whenever their friends ask “Hey did you read the new issue of FLAPPERHOUSE?” Plus, since the pieces in each issue are arranged to tell a larger story that one can’t quite grok through gradual piecemeal internet readings, subscribers can enjoy FLAPPERHOUSE on a whole other level. We’re also gonna start sending our subscribers an exclusive email newsletter with video, audio, artwork, and sneak-peeks of future issues, among other swell perks.

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