Beyond-the-Grave Blurbs for FLAPPERHOUSE #9!

#9FLAPPERHOUSE #9—  now available in DIGITAL (PDF) form for $3US and in PRINT for $6US— is being blurbed by some of literature’s deaddest legends!

FLAPPERHOUSE #9 is a cloud
impregnated with a
thousand lightnings.” – Rumi

“Your whole life, like a sandglass, will always be reversed and will ever run out again: every pain and every pleasure, every friend and every enemy, every hope and every error– and best of all, you will be able to read FLAPPERHOUSE #9 for the first time, again and again and again and again and again and again!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

” I swim in the sky; I float; my body is full of flowers with fingers giving me acute caresses, sparks, jewels, quivers of joy, dizziness, such dizziness– all thanks to FLAPPERHOUSE #9!” – Anaïs Nin

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