Six Questions For FLAPPERHOUSE

Jim Harrington of Six Questions For… recently asked our managing editor some stuff about our origins & our preferences to help give readers & writers a better idea of what we’re looking to publish in our weird little zine. Check it out if you’d care to read about how David Lynch & Transcendental Meditation led to our inception, why you won’t often see 2nd-person narratives in our pages, and the true meaning of flappiness.

…I read David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish, and after a few weeks of practicing what I’d read in the book, FLAPPERHOUSE came to me & told me it would help relieve much of my disturbance—it would help me amass a freaky chorus of bold literary voices to sing together in the kind of genre-fluid, sanctimony-free space I’d seen too rarely in literature, and it would provide for me the kind of personal & creative fulfillment I’d been lacking for far too long. And so it has…

Six Questions for Joseph P. O’Brien, Managing Editor, FLAPPERHOUSE

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