FLAPPERHOUSE #6: Now Available!

PLEASE NOTE: FLAPPERHOUSE will be OFF THE GRID from JULY 2 – 5, and we’ll be UNABLE TO DELIVER DIGITAL COPIES of our zine during this time. WE APOLOGIZE for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.

The competition was tougher than ever this season– a literary battle royale. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that FLAPPERHOUSE #6 is also our fiercest, most violent issue to date, soaked in the blood of Pakistani carjackers, wayward placentas, and Jaime Lannister. But it’s not all gore & guts: There’s also mirror magic, fugitive robots, a history of braille, Emily Dickinson’s dorm room, a boy princess, and so much more.

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$3US per DIGITAL (PDF) COPY (click button below for DIGITAL)

btn_buynowCC_LGPLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are currently unable to email PDFs immediately upon order. Delivery of your PDF may take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, but rest assured, we will complete your purchase as soon as humanly possible. We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.



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