5 Facts About FLAPPERHOUSE #5


FLAPPERHOUSE #5 is about surveillance, survival, subversion, love, war, magic, many-worlds, meta-fiction, and alphabetical pasta.

FLAPPERHOUSE #5 has many pieces with titles that sound like Guided By Voices songs, e.g., “A Lesser Cement,” “She Used to be on a Milk Carton,” and “Saving Earthworms in My Mountain Cave.”

FLAPPERHOUSE #5 broadens our leathery wingspan’s embrace of the globe; in addition to the US, UK, Ireland, & Israel, we will now have published work by writers in India, Sri Lanka, Canada, & Macedonia.

FLAPPERHOUSE #5 is dedicated to Isis, the *real* Isis.

FLAPPERHOUSE #5 will fly March 20, 2015, in digital & print editions.

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