“The Workaday World” – Poetry by Jeff Laughlin

Sunset - Felix Valloton
Sunset – Felix Valloton

Jeff Laughlin‘s yet-unpublished poetry collection “Life and Debt” is a sad, sardonic howl of rational insanity from the trenches of 21st Century office drudgery. We were extremely lucky to have two poems from that collection in our Summer 2014 issue: “Lunch,”  which we posted online back in July, and  “The Workaday World,” which you can read below:

{ X }

the sun only does its job every day.

Don’t forget the simpleton orators,
their brilliance has so little say.

Don’t dissuade a boss’s gentle import,
even if they have such brittle ways.

Don’t permeate your intelligence,
it will only give your hair some gray.

Don’t forget there’s little to work for,
you’ll never earn your needed play.

Don’t egress unless you’ve something more,
be penniless as you overstay.

{ X }

JarffJEFF  LAUGHLIN writes about the Bobcats Hornets forCreative Loafing Charlotte & about sports in general forTriad City Beat in Greensboro, NC. His 1st book of poetry, Drinking with British Architects, is riddled with mistakes but available free if you want it. His 2nd book is Alcoholics Are Sick People, and If you ask nicely, he’ll probably give that to you too. Contact Jeff on his seldom-used twitter (@beardsinc) or email him (repetitionisfailure @gmail.com). He likely needs a haircut.

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