6 Amazing Fall-Back Hour Hacks

La_lunaire_de_Tour_horlogeThe Fall-Back Hour is one of the most magical hours in the entire 4th dimension, and yet so many people seem to sleep right through it. If you’re still awake when we repeat 1 – 1:59 AM at the end of Daylight Savings Time, look at all the amazing things you can do and see!

source: Factual Science, Volume 9, Issue 23

1. If you perform a  palindromic act during the Fall-Back Hour– for example, writing in pencil for 30 minutes, then spending the next 30 minutes erasing everything you just wrote, moving backward from the end–  you will open a wormhole that leads to a Möbius Strip Museum.

2. If you fall asleep during the Fall-Back Hour, you will dream you’re in a labyrinth filled with flying jellyfish.

3. All TV broadcasts aired live during the Fall-Back Hour will appear on DVR recordings as old PM Dawn videos.

4. Analog timepieces cannot melt during the Fall-Back Hour, no matter how long you burn them.

5. If you get 2 copies of The Flaming Lips’ ZAIREEKA and play all 8 discs simultaneously during Fall-Back Hour, you’ll create a 4.3-magnitude Timequake.

6. If, during Fall-Back Hour, you stand between two mirrors that are facing each other and you don’t look into them, the ghost of a pineapple farmer will tell you a joke about fleas.

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